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Stress-free at tax time
E-file 1099 Misc's 
Easy, Accurate & On Time
  • Forms filled-in with your data
  • Email or printed forms mailed directly for us to your contractors
  • Spanish and English Customer Support to help you
  • Avoid late nights and late forms. E-file on time even on deadline day
  • No paper, envelope stamps or mailings. We do it for you.
1099 E-file Service in 3 STEPS
Just $49.99
  • Includes first 10 forms
  • Additional forms $2.99 each
  • Pay only when you use
1. Set up 1099 E-File Services with us
3. Provide Contractors info 
2. Pay for Services
  • Provide Business and Contact Info here
  • Get your user id and password by text message, email, or phone call
  • Change your Temporary Password
  • Use our Step by Step System to fill out Contractors info and create 1099 Misc's forms
  • Accept agreement on Pay for Service screen
  • Download and save or print for your records
  • You are done. We will do the rest
  • Go to Checkout screen here
  • Choose Pay 1099 E-File Service
  • Make Payment
  • We will contact you to additional forms payment if you needs
​Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by other small business owners:
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Q. What are they key 1099 deadlines?
Q. How do I get copies to my contractors?
Q. How is my copy sent to the IRS?
Q. What if I use QuickBooks? Can I bring over my data?
Q. What if I’m an Online Payroll customer?
Q. Which 1099 forms and are supported?
Q. What about state forms?
Q. What about the 1096?
Q. Don’t I need to buy those special pre-printed forms with the red ink?
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1099 E-File Services

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Q. Is your worker a 1099 contractor or a W2 employee?
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