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Full Payroll 

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Full Plus Payroll Services

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​Payroll setup completed for you
Compare Our Payroll Solutions.
3 Extra Bonus FREE With Any Our Services

1. Blank Paychecks Forms included paystub
    and envelopes.
2. W2's and 1099Misc's Forms issued and delivery 
    directly to your employees and contractor.
3. 5 first employees or contractor FREE of charge.
​Easy paychecks: just enter hours
​New Sub-Contractor setup 
Integrates with Quickbooks​​
Free year-end help​
​# of paychecks by month included in the package
New employees setup 
Get year-end W2 forms delivered to employees
Get year-end 1099Misc Forms delivered to contractors
​Year-end forms automatically filled in
Easily pay W2 employees
No tax penalties, guaranteed (2)​
One time setup Fee
Federal & State payroll tax forms automatically filled in​
​Free expert support by phone, skipe, or email
State tax forms e-file and e-pay (one state)​
​Federal tax forms e-file and e-pay (1)
​# of active employees and/or contractors included in the package
Easily pay 1099Misc contractors
Ability to print checks and paystubs
Free blank check forms and envelopes
Use free direct deposit
1.How to Make Paychecks ?
​5.What about paying to contractor and filing 1099 forms at end of year ?
2. What do I need to get started?
​4.What about W-2’s?
6.Do employees get online access to their pay stubs?
​8.How will I stay on top of my payroll details?
7.Can I import payroll information to my accounting software?
​3.Can I switch payroll providers mid-year?
Up to 5
Up to 10 
Up to 10
Up to 5
$4.00 ea
$4.00 ea
Why pay for each time you are running your payroll, if you can prepare unlimited paychecks, anytime, anywhere, for a monthly basic price for month.  Save up to 75% in Payroll Preparation Expenses. Compare
Important disclaimers, disclosures and notes
1 E-File & Pay is available for federal and select state taxes. Please check availability with us. You may need to register with tax agencies in order to use E-File & Pay. 
2 No Penalties Guarantee: if the data you provide is accurate, on time, and your account is sufficiently funded, your payroll tax deposits and filings will be on time and accurate or we'll pay the resulting payroll tax penalty.
3 Full Syatem  customers could purchase e-filing services done for us separately just at $29.99 per quarter Federal and State Forms included 
Also can purchase end of years process 940, W2s, 1099 filing forms at :   940 Form$19.99,   W2s Forms efile to IRS and SSA  $19.99 all generate forms,   1099 (1096) efile Form $49.99  all generate forms included

# of Employees or Contractors
Each Payday Cost
Annual Payroll Preparation Expense
$4,546.00 Each payday Cost by 52 weeks Fees
Any otrher Full Service Payroll Provider 
Total Monthly 
$122.49 ($79.99 basic monthly full Service fee + $2.00 times by 5 employees+$32.50 extra paychecks charge)
$1,469.88 Total monthly fee by 12 months
$378.83 Each payday Cost by 52 week divide 12 months
$28.26 Annual Expense divide to 52 week
$87.00 Estimate Payday Full Service Cost with any other provider
TOTAL ANNUAL SAVING $3,076.15                           68%

We do it for you
​Monthly fee for extra active employee or contactor after limite 
​Fee for extra paycheck by month
Just $49.99/month 
Just $89.99month 
We do it for you
We do it for you
We do it for you
You  do it  youself
You  do it  youself
You  do it  youself

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