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Please after you purchase go to the  Set up your Payroll  or 1099 Services  and send us basic information about you and your business to create your account orlink or 
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Small Business Payroll
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What our customers say:
​I had used since I began my first own business as J&E Masonry LLC, them I opened More Masonry Inc and continue using same program. My Agent Oscar take care everything I need just report to the system my weekly timesheet. He helped me even setting up my business.

Juan Moreyra 
More Masonry Inc’s President

Please allow us 2 to 4 hours to create your account. We will send you by text message your userid and a temporary password to continue your setup.
You can send us the information to create you payroll account before or after you purchase. You account we will be active when you have finalized your purchase. 
Please see here a checklist of the information that should get to setup process. If you wish you can start  setting up your payroll account now.
When your userid and temporary password arrive please sign in at the Login Center and continue with your setup.

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