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About us is create and managed by e-office Center Inc a US-FL Corporation established in August 2008 at Valrico, We are an Entrepreneur’s organization working for entrepreneurs. specifically serving the small business. We are Accounting Services especialized firm providing Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax Services to our clients.

We know very closely the needs and challenges that as small businesses have to face every day, we know how creative and innovative we must be to confront large corporations and how important it is for us to efficiently manage our limited resources (costs) since these directly affect our personal or family finances, we also know that as a small business we have to understand and manage many issues, so we are committed to investigating and bringing to our customers the best administrative tools the latest technology available in the market and distribute them as low cost as possible, through personal attention that will provide support on one by one to the handling of your payroll not subtract time or effort to address all other matters of your business.

Our agents are highly trained and motivated to provide an excellent quality of service and as area professionals can go beyond the customer service areas of our competitors. At, we take care to provide our customers services personalized service for their unique needs.

Small Business Payroll
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What our customers say:
​I had used this program for 4 years. Before I was using ADP services with I had got to save more than $2000.00/year in payroll preparation fees, else I can handle better my cash flow because. I haven’t to pay the payroll taxes every payday. I can to program its according my cash flow.I else use Worker Compensation Pay As Go and I forget the Audit process.

Jaime Andrew
Taco Loco Mexican Grill Restaurant.

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