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Full Plus Payroll Service
Let e-Payroll-US be your partner in growing your business
Control the worked time, pay employees and contractors. Enter hours or paid amounts and get instant paychecks. Then print checks yourself or use free direct deposit
​Let us enhance your business' payroll and productivity.
​Full Plus Payroll Service let you calculate federal and state payroll taxes for you. It keeps track of what you owe and reminds you when to pay. We will take care about paying an e filing tax forms for you. AVOID PENALTIES.
Payroll Services Designed for You
  • Our accuracy is guaranteed, or your money back
  • Easily pay contractor, employees even your own salary
  • Free direct support from payroll experts (hablamos español)
  • Avoid payroll tax penalties and save money
  • Works without QuickBooks, but integrated to it to easy data export.

​Full Plus Payroll Service doesn't require QuickBooks and have the following features:
  • We setup payroll for you
  • Instant paychecks
  • Free direct deposit
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Federal and State tax forms completed for you
  • Click to electronically file and pay taxes
  • Run unlimited payroll online anytime, anywhere 
  • Reminders when taxes and forms are due
  • Free support from payroll experts (hablamos español)
  • Year-end W-2s delivered directly to employees for us
  • 1099Misc forms delivered directly to contractors for us.
  • Paychecks forms and envelope provide to you for us
  •  Firsts 5 employees included in the monthly basic.
  • Our software provider let you run payroll from your iPad, iPhone or Android phone

Just at $89.99-month 
- Stay  in compliance with the lastest tax laws     -  Smile and focus in your business  your payroll is in good hands   - Most than a full  service it's a complete solution 
What our customers say:

Small Business Payroll
 brought to you by professionals.
One Month FREE, when you purcharse it on a Full Service Yearly Fee
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​Hi, I am Felipe Gutierrez, Nidias Latin Grill’s Owner We are using since 4 year ago, it is a friendly an flexible program. The most of like me is that as my business have less than $2500, tax liability payroll/quarter I can pay it at end of quarter without penalty nether interest. Else I can to program to my salary paid employee in advance, it had been useful to me when I have my annual vacation to my country Mexico with no business issue in my mind.

Felipe Gutierrez
Nidias Latin Grill at Plant City, FL

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