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Additional Services
Employee Benefits and Compliance
Our program also offers related services to help your offer employee benefits and be in compliance with federal and state requirements.

We make it easy to manage your business.

Workers' Compensation
Pay-As-You-Go Payment Service

Workers' compensation is required by law in most states, but it doesn't have to drain your cash flow. With ePayroll-US’s payment service, you pay only what you owe, as you owe it, based on your actual payroll data. Zero down payments and no year-end surprises. And our trusted broker will compare top insurance carriers to find your best workers' comp plan. Smart.
Join over 13,000 small businesses today and request your free, no-obligation quote.

Affordable Health Benefits

Starting January 1, 2014, your employees will be required to have health insurance.

Learn how the Affordable Care Act impacts you and your employees
Understand your options

Automatic Time Tracking
Save Time and Reduce Errors!

Save time and reduce costly errors by allowing your employees to track their own hours online and eliminate double input. It can be a real pain to track employee hours and re-enter the data, especially when you have to follow complicated overtime rules.
✔ Reduce costly errors by automatically calculating total hours worked (including overtime)
✔ Reduce compliance risks by applying state and federal overtime and double time rules
✔ Save valuable time eliminating double input by allowing employees to enter their own hours online.
✔ Fully integrated with payroll so you never have to calculate or re-enter hours 
✔ Easily review and adjust hours to fix employee mistakes 
✔ Automatic Email Reminders to employees when timesheets are due
✔ Flexible options 
✔ Online timesheets on a password protected website,    and/or
✔ Multi-user online time clock where employees can clock in and out

JUST $3.00/Month/Employee
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